Monday, February 4, 2013

What We Dwell On


Our minds dwell on many things each day. The next paycheck, bills, our next vacation, our next home, our next goals. These things bear a lot of  importance to us in our earthly life, but none in our eternal life. These "temporary" concerns take up a lot of our time. They are important to us, but while we are doing them we can always have a focus and peace in our hearts and minds. A permanent "background" of God's peace amongst our other time consuming tasks.

How much time are those thoughts taking and how much of our thoughts are we giving to God?

Our minds and hearts should be dwelling on God and on the heavenly kingdom, even while we are going about our menial tasks.

Are we making an idol of things on earth? Are we making an idol of our dreams on earth? Anything we dwell on too much can become like an idol that distracts us from God.

Dreams are important, God gave them to us and allows humans to dream and to dream for Him.

Are our dreams His dreams? Maybe we are seeking on this earth things He has never set before us to seek.

We have so little time on earth and it shouldn't be wasted. The only way we can know where to direct our time is if we pray and seek God's guidance.

Seek what He wants for you and it will be greater than you imagined.

Dwell on God in your thoughts and in your heart and on the eternal.

The things of this Earth will pass away, but our treasures lie in heaven.

We will not take our money, house, or the vacations we went on to heaven. What we will all take is the work we did on Earth for God and to see those in eternal life that we love.

Ask God each day what our mind and heart should be dwelling on and what He is putting before us to set our heart and mind to.

Stand firm in thought and dream the big dreams God has for you in this life.

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need."
 -Matthew 6:33

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